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Directed by Adam Donoghue with permission from

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Lyn Richell - Bournemouth Evening Echo

Ben Elton makes you think hard about the morals of violent films and of the people who watch them. Film Director Bruce Delamitri, (Simon Meredith), who specialises in violent and depraved films, has won an Oscar for his latest feature.  When he returns home with Brooke Daniels, a page three girl, (Rachael Towler), they are taken hostage by two of America's criminals Wayne Hudson, (Pete Griffiths), and his girlfriend Scout, (Lindsay Edwards), who have been going around killing people just for fun.  To add to Bruce's problems, his wife Farrah, (Pamela Brewer), and his daughter Velvet, (Megan Williams), arrive and thus get mixed up in the affray. The play has been well cast, with energetic and powerful performances by Pete Griffiths and Lindsay Edwards.  All the players work extremely well together, never letting their characters slip for a moment. Russell Biles as Carl Brezner is completely believable as the producer and turns in a fine performance.  Simon Meredith took a little time to get into the part but when he did he was very convincing. The play is a little violent and contains strong language which some people may not like. However, this is still a comedy which will make you laugh.
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