Laundry & Bourbon
Laundry & Bourbon

Arena Theatre presents James McLure's

Laundry & Bourbon

Directed by Terri Jowett with permission from Josef Weinberger

Set on the front porch of Roy and Elizabeth 's home in Maynard, Texas on a hot summer afternoon. Elizabeth and Hattie are whiling away the time folding laundry, watching TV, sipping bourbon, and gossiping about the many open secrets which are so much a part of small-town life. They are joined by the self-righteous Amy Lee who can't resist stirring up trouble. with tidbits of gossip that will ensure conversations become increasingly edged with bitter humour.

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Ellie Cowley

Exploring the complexities of expectation versus reality, and set in the dusty heat of deepest Texas, writer James Mclure's two one-act plays Laundry & Bourbon and Lonestar proved a subtle, engaging choice for Arena Theatre's latest production. Apparent in the direction of both Terri Jowett's Laundry & Bourbon and Russell Biles' Lonestar were an attention to character and comedic timing, and their actors did them proud.  Laundry & Bourbon saw Natasha Green present a deliciously sassy Hattie, offset nicely by Emma Torrens' more serious and contemplative Elizabeth as best friend. Alyssa Thompson played a confident butter-wouldn't- melt viper, Amy Lee, and although the cat fight between Amy and Hattie could have been more sensational the tensions between the women were absorbing. The second half saw the Lonestar lads bring the house down, with strong character performances from Sam Stevenson, Pete Griffiths and Kyle Miley. They complemented each other superbly and the very talented Sam Stevenson pushed belly laughs out of Ray's lines with aplomb. There are further performances of this show on Tuesday, 21st and Wednesday, 22nd June at the Winchester Pub starting at 7.30pm.
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