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The Pillowman
The Pillowman

Arena Theatre presents Martin McDonagh's

The Pillowman

Directed by Tom Flood with permission from Samuel French Ltd.

Katurian writes stories in which children are horribly murdered and someone in town has been imitating his stories, including the ones that are yet to be published. However, the police control the newspapers so, have there really been any child murders, or have the police faked them in order to dispose of a writer whose work disgusts them?

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Tom Flood - The Pillowman - CHANGE IN PERFORMANCE DATES      08/09/2011

Due to unforeseen circumstances we have had to move the performance dates for The Pillowman.  The new dates are 5 October and 7 October at Avonbourne School, and 18 October at The Winchester. Many apologies for any inconvenience
Kate McStraw

THE Pillowman is a gripping and saddening tale which follows a writer, Katurian, who is interrogated in a murder investigation when the gruesome plots of his stories match the end of those found dead.  Full of twists, turns and tension, this is a striking play which – although previously unknown to me – should be one that is applauded en mass.  I have watched Arena productions over the years and without a doubt they certainly know how to push the boundaries and put on a great show.  What I love most about them is how effortless it all seems; the acting is so phenomenal I feel as though it is not a play I am witnessing, but a real investigation into real lives.  Each of the four actors in this spine-chilling plot (Barry Gunner, Paul Nelson, Russell Biles and Chaz Davenport) plays out their parts as brilliantly as each other, from one mind-blowing, heart-stopping scene to another. This truly is a master class in ‘How to Act’ by any standard.  High praise indeed, perhaps, but very well worthy of it; once again Arena represents the pinnacle of local theatre producers, and the pure talent Bournemouth has to shout about. To top it all off, Tom Flood has masterfully directed this meaty play, laced with the darkest of subject matter matched with the blackest of humour, creating the perfect culmination of tension and comic relief to produce this truly professional quality performance.  My only complaint – if you can call it that – is that this brilliance was witnessed by too few, and despite feeling rather privileged, I would urge you to watch this show and give it the volume of audience it deserves.  If you like good theatre, you will love this in all its glorious brilliance. You can catch it at The Winchester on October 18.
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