Blue Remembered Hills
Blue Remembered Hills

Arena Theatre presents Dennis Potter's

Blue Remembered Hills

Directed by Paul Nelson with permission from Samuel French Ltd.

This apparently simple tale relates to the activities of a group of seven-year-olds on a Summer afternoon during World War II. The children (all played by adult actors) and their world become a microcosm of adult interaction.

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Kate McStraw

Blue Remembered Hills is set in World War II, following the lives of the war-time children who must find ways to entertain themselves. This play sets out to build childhood memories and events and, in the director’s own words, show “an analysis of human interactions.” For the duration of the play, all characters are children although being played by adults. This was done to great effect, and several times I actually forgot I was watching adults playing children; especially when the ‘children’ are playing ‘House’ and take on adult caricatures. From the moment it began the energy in the theatre was at a high, and remained that way, led by the actor’s child-like enthusiasm as we were drawn in to their adventures. The set, constructed by John Gaylor, was a triumph; most notably the final fire scene, which was created brilliantly. The set, paired with lighting and sound effects, built the tension of the scene to a spectacular climax. It is difficult to single out notable actors, as they all clearly worked so well together, developing the story and their characters as a unit. I would however like to extend particular praise to Scott Sullivan who played ‘Willie’ with such child-like energy, it was infectious to watch!     I must say that I cannot praise this production enough. Directed by Paul Nelson, it is easily one of the best local drama performances I have seen in a long time, from the quality of the acting to the set and the lighting, every aspect was superb.
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